Case: # 2013-10
Location: Private Home, Chatham, Ontario


We were invited back by Cecilia Martin to her home in Chatham to see if we could get some evidence of the reported activity she has been experiencing the past few years. We first visited in 2012 and unfortunately nothing came up evidence wise and we deemed the house had no activity and she asked us to come back and try again. We were greeted my Cecelia and did a brief tour of the home and some of the history she has discovered and listened to an EVP she had caught on her own, it was from a cell phone and hard to determine if it was a voice or just interference. We ran our base reads and had pretty much zero through the house, much like last time.


We started our investigation in the basement, asking questions about the history of the house, the past residents and owners of the house, we touched on a name that did spike the meters for a brief second, the K2 and MEL spiked and then died and didn't happen again all night...maybe a wifi spike or cell phone near by? we are unsure but in the same area Bryce did feel as if someone brushed is hair and heard a growl but we think it was his hair on the ceiling as they were low and he was close to them and the growl could have been someone's stomach.


The rest of the night was uneventful, and audio and video review turned up nothing, not even a growl when Bryce said he heard that sound. As a team we have determined that this property doesn't have any activity and is deemed not haunted and we have closed this case and will not be returning for a third follow up.