Case: # 2013-07
Location: Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, Ontario


The owner of this establishment had approached CHAPS some years ago at another event, we kept at it and in April of 2013 got the chance to investigate this former bakery/livery built in 1902. Rumors of bodies buried under it and a person that had hung themselves there had been mentioned about the staff there.


A late night had begun with the team split into 2. The EMF in the theatre was surprisingly dead. All reads were as expected, nothing out of the ordinary. During the investigation there was an element of noise coming from the city outside but this didn't interrupt. What was ironic was that Shanna's team found the activity in the practice theatre. The small room, they had asked for knocks and got them in succession. Loudly. The larger of the 2 theatre rooms gave us no evidence, there was a slight logistical issue with a copyright stage being present, that we could not picture or film.


We would do this location again if asked, but for the time. Verdict: not haunted.
As a theatre, the Theatre Passe Muraille opened in 1968. The theatre has a much storied history having several productions being presented with the Chalmers Canadian Play Awards. The building itself is an Ontario historic site, built originally in 1902 as Nasmith's Bakery and Stables. Recent renovations to the sub-floor unearthed a cache of old horseshoes. The building now consists of 2 theatres, the main theatre and a smaller theatre to the rear of the main stage. Care and consideration have been taken into account to provide accoustic privacy to each theatre. We also had access to all of each stage's amenities, dressing rooms and a second floor bar/viewing area. The Canadian Haunting And Paranormal Society was called in to investigate this site in relation to an investigation previously performed at another Toronto theatre. Some stafff members had reported seeing shadows moving about in the stage rafters as well as on the second floor and disembodied voices in the backstage area. In 1987, one of it's past artistic producer is rumored to have committed suicide in this building. The CHAPS members arrive just prior to 1 am as a play was just ending it's evening production. The two leads toured the building, listening to the history and claims of this historic structure. We broke into two groups to tackle this night's investigation. We were unable to document any activity on this evening's investigation. We did have noises occur that we could not explain. One team member noted the movement of a shadow in the main stage rafter area, while another claimed to have witnessed a smokey apparition on the second floor. Unfortunately as the only witnesses to these events they are being noted as personal experiences. After audio and video review our findings were limited to personal experiences. Thus, we cannot claim that the Theatre Passe Muraille is 'haunted'. CHAPS would need to return to this site in order to make any further decision.