Case: # 2013-06
Location: Private Residence, Newcastle, Ontario


CHAPS was called into a newer home in the port area of Newcastle Ontario. A family was very concerned that they heard footsteps all over the house, people pulling them in bed and standing over them. An MP3 player had also been manhandled. Furthermore also the sight of dark shadows.


The base reads were quite stable. The house by all accounts was flat. However that was it. During the initial moments and the length of the investigation activity was very veracious. There were footsteps heard on every floor we were not. Very loud. There had been claims that this spirit was also afraid of dogs, so we brought audio tracks of dogs barking and growling. As if on cue the movement and noise became frantic and loud. Finally the scene of darkness on the banister rails and cold hands on the body. Very much an exciting evening. EVP evidence brought a child voice, when there are no children present. Quite odd. All in all a great evening for CHAPS.


We do believe there to be some possible activity in this home that merits further investigation.



Child-like voice

Female Voice

Male Voice