Case: # 2013-03
Location: Private Residence, Bath, Ontario


Client had called us in due to family discourse she believed in part to be influenced by spiritual entity. Aggression being felt, images being seen.


Base reads had the home very stable in temp and flat for the most part. An alarm clock in one of the daughters rooms read 84 MG and a plug in the kitchen was completely off the charts. The client was notified of these issues as potential hazards. It was a small intimate investigation, on purpose to that we could instigate and not be a larger force to deal with. The line of questioning was often harsh, offensive possibly. The client had been forewarned  as to the rationale of the plan. It was a clean smooth investigation. However in the end upon review there were no significant hits to lean to evidence. During the investigation the house was inactive as well. The client had mentioned that as of late things have been quieter since certain parties had departed the residence. I do believe that there is a great deal of distress in the home which may lead to hypersensitivity to such things.


Based on what we have compiled. Not haunted but could return for further analysis.