Case: # 2013-02
Location: Private Home, St.Thomas, Ontario


The team arrived at 8pm and we were greeted by Shawn and Julie Vonk. They called CHAPS in to see if we could find a reason to the activity that they were experiencing. We were told of footsteps, shadows, an uneasy feeling in the unfinished area of the basement. Nikki and Dave D took the initial base reads of the home, all area proved to be very normal with base reads at 0.0-0.2 and temps averaged 74 degrees. We started the investigation in the unfinished part of the basement where Shawn had feelings of not being wanted or uneasy, EVP session lasted about 20 mins and we moved into the main family room where an EVP session was conducted for about 25 mins, Dave was getting an odd feeling from the kids bedroom so we moved into there for about 15mins and conducted an EVP session.
After a quick break we moved to the master bedroom where claims of shadows and where the dog would sit in front of the bathroom door an growl at nothing. I moved into the bathroom and conducted an EVP session for about 20 mins, during the time we were hearing bangs and knocks but Nikki concluded that the sound was from wood settling after the furnace shut off. After this we moved into the main floor where the team discussed the night and what we thought of the early findings. We all agreed that the bangs and knocks were probably normal house noises with the cold air outside and warm air inside. As for the claims of shadows there are multiple windows and lights that can cast odd looking things on the walls. We were satisfied with the night, nothing happened paranormal wise, meter's were flat all night and we didn't feel the need for solo's plus the owners had a 7 month old that needed to get to bed so we ended the night there.


After audio review nothing has come up, I thought I had a few hits but after comparing audio and video together all hits were thrown out as there were either natural causes or human explanation. At this time I can say that given the nights events, all the audio and video was reviewed and talking to my 3 teammates we concluded that there is no activity present during the time we were there and most experiences can be explained but I have advised the home owner's to keep in contact if anything happens again and we would be more than happy to help.