Case: # 2013-01
Location: Private Home, Winchester, Ontario


The Chaps team, along with special guest Jenni from the New Hot 89.9 fm in Ottawa arrived at the Winchester home at 7pm to conduct an investigation. The clients have lived in the house for many years, and throughout the years have experienced some interesting and unexplainable events. The owners claims include hearing voices, lights, fans and power bars turning on and off by themselves, hearing footsteps, knocks, doors opening and closing, shadows on the front porch, and objects being moved or hidden for periods of time before re-appearing.


The investigation went very well from beginning to end. Upon conducting analysis of base reads before going hot, it was observed that the EMF readings throughout the house were unexplainably jumping all over the place, and were not consistent with electrical sources. The clients had captured previous video from the shed in the backyard of a power bar turning on by itself, which after many reviews, was determined by the CHAPS team to be unexplainable and impressive. In an effort to capture this power bar turning on by itself, a trap-camera was placed in the shed focused on the power bar.
Once the team had completed set-up, several members of the investigation team saw a light on the second floor turn off by itself, however it was not caught on film as we were not yet recording. Throughout the evening, the EMF readings were very random and inconsistent. The team conducted many EVP sessions, however there was enough background noise from a television, that we were not able to conclude any suspicious findings as evidence. In addition, the trap-camera placed in the backyard shed did not capture any suspicious activity.


We cannot declare this location haunted as no tangible evidence was collected to claim otherwise. However having had several personal experiences, along with the video evidence provided to us by the client, we will be returning to conduct another investigation with limited to no background noise in order to fairly analyze the audio.