Case: # 2012-30
Location: Private Home, Toronto, Ontario


CHAPS was invited to an apartment in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto. The claims of visions and touches as well as faint voices heard while in the shower. The team worked to debunk the plausible reasons for the paranoia due to excessive EMF. There was a hydro station outside of the loft, this concerned the parents of a young child residing there. The reads were of no consequence the only elevation in that matter was an alarm clock that we commonly see.
We tested the audiophonics of the residence and found that despite there being a duct system exposed that ran the length the actual insulated quality was quite high. Sound did not travel all that much, but could account for light whispers. This could be an explanation for that. Noise matrix may be another for hearing this in the shower. In the end the result, we did capture 3 EVP. They have been compared against other noises and voices, the camera was not on during this stretch so we cannot be 100% on it. However I think there could be some validity to the claims as the EVP themselves have some meaning to the client.


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