Case: # 2012-29
Location: Private Home, Shawville, Quebec


The Chaps team visited the house of Gayle and Carl Tubman on the night of November 2nd. A beautiful stone farmhouse built in the early 1900's-the homestead of Carl Tubman. What was so interesting about this home was that the stones had apparently been gathered from different locations on the property itself and took two years to build. The lower level house walls being four feet thick and the upper level house walls two feet wide. Really quite impressive. The claims seem to be mostly oriented around the man of the house, Carl. He often picks up on a very strong smell of "Sail" tobacco and often hears fiddle music playing in different rooms in the house in the wee morning hours. Gayle Tubman, stated hearing someone calling out her name once when she was up in the attic alone.


The base reads were normal throughout the house-only being elevated in the basement around the hyrometer and electrical panel which is to be expected. We started the investigation on the 2nd floor, then the attic and finally the main floor. Although we did hear at different intervals knocking type sounds, we cannot confirm as to where they were coming from specifically. The video camera also turned off on its own accord twice with no explanation. Other than that though nothing out of the ordinary to report. No significant EMF spikes or temperature abnormalities.


Not haunted. No scientific evidence gathered that would lean towards a haunting at this point.