Case: # 2012-28
Location: Private Home, St Thomas, Ontario


The investigation started at 8pm, Bryce, Suzy and Kevin were present, we were investigating the Norman house, the owner Dawn has been a family friend for over 10 years and had asked me for sometime to come out and do an investigation to see if her father was still present in the home. We started in the main floor where reports of shadows, footsteps, smell of cologne. The main thing that happened while conducting an EVP session in the living room area our MEL meter would spike in the area of the father's chair, and the spike was quite high, from the base reading of 0.2 to a 3 and higher and as soon as it was there it was gone.  We moved to the basement where reports of music playing was heard, this area was the father's "play room" with all his tools and whatnot, EVP session was conducted, nothing came out of it, meter's were dead, next we moved into the attic where reports of footsteps were heard, again lots of the father's possessions up there, EVP session was held, nothing came up and meter's stayed dead as the base readings. We took a break and decided since the most action we had was in the living room we would focus back on that. We did another EVP session and had the same results, MEL meter went crazy in the same area, at the most it hit a 8.2mg on the MEL meter, very odd to jump from a 0.2 to an 8 in a blink of an eye, when this happened were focusing on the father ( George), asking if he was there and if watches over Dawn and her Mom..the meter spiked and then nothing, like something left, 30 mins continued EVP session and nothing...we ended the night after that.


After review nothing came up on EVP or video, just the MEL meter spike is all we had happen, I gave Dawn our report and asked to return, maybe with her present, we had a good night but had to deal with 2 dogs that contaminated a lot of the audio....good night and I can't say for sure if there is activity but we will try for a return visit.