Case: # 2012-26
Location: Private Home, Oakville, Ontario


We arrived at the clients home around 8pm, we were contacted to see if we could confirm the claims of footsteps, shadows, a monster in the child's bedroom and general activity. Present as well were the home owners and a roommate plus 2 dogs that were in crates to stay out of the way. The main claims seem to be in the basement where the roommate sleeps and the upstairs, the interesting thing about this case is that the owners claim the activity started when they took possession on the wife's mother's ashes and the ashes were on display in the family room. We started in the basement with base reads, nothing out of the ordinary, 0.2-0.4 but there were spikes in the floor with underground wire, K2 was off the charts when on the floor. EVP session was conducted for about 30 mins, nothing came up but there was a shadow seen by Catherine on the back wall, moved from right to left, I saw it as well, as did Charlene, but it was behind Shannon so nothing captured on video.
We moved to the child's bedroom where reports of a "scary man" was reported. Nothing out of the ordinary for meter readings and the team concluded that the shadows were probably caused by the parking lot and lights coming through the boys window, bring 5 years old he would think there was a man in there, when the cars pulled in, lights would hit the trees and cast very creepy shadows, we advised the owners to put curtains up to stop that from happening.
Next was the master bedroom where reports of the wife's mother being seen by the husband, again meter's were quiet, EVP session was held, nothing came up in review but we did see a shadow dart across the hallway floor, Catherine and myself saw this but again away from the camera, there was some type of odd thing that happened, while sitting on the bed Shannon said it felt like someone was poking or lightly touching her back, both Catherine and Charlene sat in the spot and had the same sensations that Shannon felt.


That was pretty much all that happened and after audio and video review nothing came up but there was some personal experiences that couldn't be recreated and did match up with some of the claims, i.e shadows on the basement wall, after the investigation is was discussed that our initial thought is that there is some kind of activity on the home but nothing conclusive to say it's "haunted".