Case: # 2012-25
Location: Sombra Museum, Mooretown, Ontario


We arrived at the museum around 7pm and was greeted by the museum proprietor Shelly. She took us on a tour of the home and showed us the hotspots, mainly the upper landing on the second floor where the most activity was reported, main claims were at the top of the staircase where the feelings of being watched and the feeling of someone standing over them all the time. We did our base sweeps and the reads were normal for temp and EMF readings were flat 0.0 throughout the whole building. Since we had a small group we all stayed in a group of four for our initial evp sweep through the building, main area focused on was the main staircase. The initial sweep took about an hour, the building was small, about 1200 sqft and rooms were small so not much time was spent in the rooms. After our sweep we had a quick break to check on cameras and the live feed we tried to run and when everything was confirmed working we split in 2's to do some soft solos, the main area we did these in was the top of the staircase as that was were the main claims were, Bryce and myself spent 20 mins on the top floor and 10 mins in each small room up there and Nikki and Suzy did the same.


The total investigation was about 3 hours in length, base sweeps and evp sweeps went well, during our solo we thought we heard voices coming from the staircase to the servants quarters but after further review and confirmation the voices were that of our 2 female leads and 2 volunteers in the gathering room. After audio and video review all evidence came up clean and we can say at the time there is no activity in the building but  the owners of the building have agreed to have us return for a follow up investigation in November as that is when activity is supposed to be higher, we conducted the investigation in September see if the time of year makes a difference and a return visit might produce different results, they are working with Catherine on that date.


PHOTOS from this investigation