Case: # 2012-22
Location: Coronation Hall, Shawville, Quebec


On September 1, 2012 CHAPS investigated a heritage hall in Shawville Quebec. It is currently a cider mill where they make home made cider wine, pies and other tasty treats. The hall is still available for rent for weddings, anniversaries and other functions.


Noises, feelings of being watched especially near the original women's restroom.  Eerie feelings at night and when alone in the hall.  This is where most of the feelings are.  The cider mill is a newer building.


We started in the cider mill and shop where they sell their products.  All base reads were normal and nothing out of the ordinary was observed.  We then moved into the hall area where the majority of the claims take place.  Again all base reads were normal.  We did not observe anything out of the ordinary however upon reviewing the evidence we did come across an EVP that we could not explain.


Even though we are not 100% sure if it was paranormal we did record a woman singing that did not come from the team members.  This is a location that we would love to revisit.



More Singing


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