Case: # 2012-21
Location: Allegan Lodge, Allegan, Michigan, USA


In August of 2012, CHAPS visited Allegan Lodge located in Allegan, Michigan. Built in 1909 this building was primarily used as a hospital for some 60 years. The Elks bought the building with it being used as a conference center. Through the years employees have reported numerous sightings, noises and apparitions. Children have been heard laughing and footsteps have been heard. There was an incident that a plumber reported of a pipe moving through the air on its own. The plumber left the building and refuses to return.


The team split into 2 smaller teams for this investigation. EMF levels were pretty stable through the entire building, with the exception of a smoke detector located in the basement that gave off the chart readings. This smoke detector was located in a spot that many claims had been made. Neither team had any significant experiences while in the building.


Due to lack of evidence or experiences, we cannot claim that this building is haunted. A return visit would be needed to state any different.


PHOTOS from this investigation