Case: # 2012-20
Location: Old Shawville Hospital, Shawville, Quebec


No claims as per the current home owners however it was a beautiful piece of History that  holds many stories.


There were 3 floors and a basement that we were able to investigate.  We started in the basement and found some fluctuations with the EMF but no temp changes.  We then moved to the main floor area.  As this home was built in the 1800's it was common at that time to have a parlour for wakes.  This home had two big beautiful pocket doors which we were to assume that that area held the casket for viewing.  There were no significant changes in our readings on this floor.  However we did experience some battery drains.  We decided to moved to the 3rd floor next as we knew there was no hydro and still had some battery life left.  We could always plug in the equipment on the remain floor if needed.  This floor was where the surgeries were performed.  As there was no hydro on this floor there were no fans or air was very hot.  We did see small decreased fluctuations of temperature readings on this level but no other incidents.  We could not imagine how hot it would be up there doing surgeries and have a new found respect for air conditioning :).  Next we moved on to the 2nd floor - the final floor of the evening which we did not have any experiences on this level. Personal Experiences:At the end of the investigation two of the investigators decided to ask some questions in private while the rest of the team went outside.  They did the solo in the hall on the 2nd floor as they needed to plug in the camera as the battery did not have enough to continue.  They sat just at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the 3rd floor.  They spend about 5 min asking questions and although didn't get any physical responses the camera somehow shut off and they had to start again.


This house was an amazing place to investigate.  The history and beautiful craftsmanship of this home was spectacular and the homeowners were very accommodating.  After reviewing the evidence we did not get any EVP's nor anything on film.  We did experience some fluctuations in Temperature and EMF readings however not enough evidence to prove that the building is occupied by someone other than the residents.

PHOTOS from this investigation