Case: # 2012-16
Location: Private Home, St Thomas, Ontario


The night started around 8, we were greeted by Dwayne and Krista Edgar, they have been living in the home for 2 years and have 2 children that were present for the night. The home was built in the 1860's and the house we investigated and the house beside it were one building, it was a hotel back in the 1860's, a housing project for the railroad workers. We did our initial sweep from the basement to the main floor and the 3 rooms upstairs. All readings were normal, temperature fluxed very little from 58 in the basement to 65 in the mid floor and top floors. EMF was flat throughout the home, with a few spikes from the usual suspects, power boxes, alarm clocks, etc.
The main claims were shadows, knocks, feeling of being touched, nothing too serious but we were asked to come in and see if we could catch any type of evidence and after reviewing the evidence we have come up clean, not a whisper, knock nothing, the house was very comfortable and quiet, the main issue is we all had the fun house effect, the house is very crooked, after decades of people living in there and renovations done here and there this is expected. There really isn't much else to say, the clients were very nice, their son was hilarious, so excited to have us there he was shaking.

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