Case: # 2012-15
Location: Private Home, Oshawa, Ontario


The team was invited to investigate a home in the City of Oshawa. Single floor dwelling with a few pets and people. The claims surrounded around the adult daughter whom believes this may have been following. There were claims of a ball rolling by itself, that being said tests were conducted on this at the spot of movement and a groove in the floor was detected and the ball moved in that groove physically. In addition the corner of the home, which had EMF readings off the chart was a pack pole coming into the home itself to what we would believe to have poorly grounded wiring to begin with. There was some limited access to portions of the home, added that the downstairs tenants were also home and active. They also have a baby that did lend to some of the other claims. All in all by investigation end the result did come up clean and debunk able, that being said the outside influences were too strong that night to have made for much more of an investigation.


With the evidence collected in this possible scenario, we would have to state not enough to enforce a haunted presence.


PHOTOS from this investigation