Case: # 2012-16
Location: Private Home, Tilbury, Ontario


We arrived at the house around 7pm, they had their 2 boys with them and they took us through the home to show us the hot spots. There were many claims in the house from shadows, voices, doors opening and closing, full body apparitions, foot steps, voices and odd smells coming and going especially cigarette smoke. We set up the DVR in the areas of activity and after some debunking of the doors opening and closing on their own we put that to movement going by the doors and them opening with that, it's a 140 year old house and the floors were uneven so if they weren't closed properly they would open slightly when we walked by and the voices they say come from the Kitchen we put that to neighbors across the river, they were out there and very loud and it was faint in certain parts of the house that sounded like whispers and chatting.  Through the night nothing happened, it was a very quiet house, no settling noises, no creaks or groans from the house, nothing, a very well built, solid house. We didn't have anything happen claim wise but we did have an odd smell of leather in the kitchen, nothing in there would have produced that smell, it was very strong, kind of like an old leather coat or very worn baseball glove leather and as soon as it was there it was gone, that's really the only thing that happened that we couldn't explain.
All in all it was a great night in a wonderful house, we didn't stay the night, we didn't feel it required us to be there all night as there was very little going on activity wise. I am going to suggest a return visit maybe have them in the home, it did have a different feel when they were in there, it is her family home for 140 years so having her in there might produce something but I will leave that up to them.


Based on our night in the home and review of the evidence at this time we cannot say that there is any activity in the home, but are open to revisiting it in the future.

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