Case: # 2012-13
Location: Abandoned Home, Shawville, Quebec


We visited an uninhabited house in the Shawville countryside. The house, (built in the mid 1850s) had not been lived in for the past 35 years. The current owner claimed that five generations of the same family had resided there. There had been illness and deaths. The last owner had left the house in a hurry due to an apparent curse placed on the land on which the house stood. Being that the building was very old, was of sound structure, we decided to take a closer look.


As the house had no power at all, we had a maximum of +3 degrees inside. As far as instrumentation used, everything came up clean for the most part except for the battery of the video camera that drained nearly completely within a few seconds at the beginning of the investigation. Nothing caught on video,  digital recorder or pictures. There was an interesting personal experience with two investigators though. Both came out of the house with unexplained scratches on their  upper bodies that hadn't been there when they entered the house and they both had on their winter coats throughout the whole investigation.


Not haunted. No tangible evidence gathered to claim otherwise.