Case: # 2012-12
Location: Private Home, Ottawa Valley, Ontario


Friday April 13, 2012 CHAPS investigated the first of a double investigation for a family located in the Ottawa Valley.


The resident had recently moved into the home and the experiences began right away.  They would randomly smell two different scents - one being cigarette smoke, and the other lemon cough drops.  They do not smoke in the home.  The cat would also stare at the wall and in the corner of the hallway upstairs.  At times when the female resident was feeling ill she would sit in the rocking chair and would feel the presence of someone comforting her and calming her pain.  The residents are comfortable with whatever is in the home but just want to know who it is.  The resident advised that the day before the investigation she saw a "smoke" like figure in one of the rooms.   
It was clear to us that night just how much this family cherishes every moment they have with their loved ones.  There had been a tragic loss of a loved one...could this be a spirit that is watching over them?  We know that this loved one was a kind and caring soul and that the memory of him/her will live on in their hearts forever.


We began to conducted our investigation in this beautiful two story home.  There were some issues with the equipment such as batteries draining.  Our team member running the video camera stated that early on in the evening the battery nearly drained and came back up to normal once she moved into another room.  The base reads were normal throughout the night.


After reviewing the evidence we were not able to obtain any evp's, photo or video.  The house seemed to be quiet that night however we would love to go back and investigate this lovely home again,  especially the adorable dog that liked to play hide and seek :)