Case: # 2012-11
Location: Private Home, Ottawa Valley, Ontario


On April 14, 2012 the CHAPS team investigated a residence located in a small village in the Ottawa valley.  This was the 2nd part of a double investigation where we had been at another one of the family member's homes the night before.


The residents of this home advised that they were experiencing the presence of an unknown entity.  They could feel something watching them and could also feel a presence when trying to calm down their 1 1/2 year old daughter who would wake up with night terrors.  The daughter would also be known to stare into the distance and try to grasp or wave at what ever was there.   The residents also noted that there would be a strong smell of cigarette smoke - no one in the home smoked and that the child's toys would randomly go off without anyone being near it.  The home is also resident to some very friendly cats who would also stare and watch the unknown.


Upon arriving at the home we took a quick view of the outside of the house to see if there would be anything that could interfere with the readings or recordings.  The home was small but very warm and comforting.  We quickly set up and began our investigation.  During the night the base readings remained normal, however there were some personal experiences and the experience that caught us all off guard the most was during our tear down.  As we were putting our equipment  away one of the dolls randomly went off and said "Good-bye".  We quickly turned our equipment back on and tried to see if we could get the doll to go off again. Unfortunately it did not.  We checked the doll to see if it was motion censored but you physically had to press it's hand, foot, or tummy to make it talk.


After doing the evidence review we did not find anything to determine what, if any entity was in the home.  Other than the personal experiences and the information from the residents the conclusion remains unknown.  I have spoken to the residents since and the child so far is sleeping through the night, however they still feel the presence.  We would be willing to go back and investigate again.

PHOTOS from this investigation