Case: # 2012-10
Location: Private Home, Sarnia, Ontario


The client has claimed humming, footsteps, shadow movement


So the 2 investigations in Sarnia went very well, the first time nothing really came up on audio, there was a faint whisper when I asked if someone could tell me their name, after that there was a faint "NO", but only heard well with headphones and I did play that for you when we were at RHA and you agreed it was too faint to include with evidence, but the night proved well for some personal experiences, we had shadow movement on the wall in the dining room, both Mike and myself saw it happen twice and we ruled out lights from a car or from outside, it moved way to quick, almost a blink of an eye. There were knocks and bangs outside of normal house noises but nothing concrete.
For the second investigation we just went basic, no DVR as it proved no results from the first time and we wanted to keep it a little more personal. As for evidence we have a possible hit, I have no explanation for it, it comes right after my voice and it has a Scottish or English accent and what it says baffles me...what I get it is "bendy rabbit" with the's odd and I will attach that so you can have a listen. As for the rest of the night we had the same shadow movements in the dining room, Mike saw it and said it was the same thing, we had humming heard by all three of us in the dining room and basement, and in the basement we had shadow movement by a crib that belonged to her Grandmother. We had knocks and bangs in response to questions, one point we heard footsteps on the main staircase, we were upstairs when we though someone came in a started up the stairs, when I looked it stopped and at one point in the master bedroom I became quite hot, to the point of sweating and the temp around me did raise about 5 degrees, this was in questions to do something or show itself...very odd, I had to leave the room to catch my breath it passed and never happened again.


With what happened the first and second time I would say that the house does have activity, nothing bad just something trying to say hello or to let the owners know they are there and I base this off the EVP and everything we experienced with the humming, footsteps, shadow movement and other experiences that matched exactly what the home owner's reported to us.


PHOTOS from this investigation