Case: # 2012-09
Location: St Thomas Business, Ontario


The main claims were shadows, voices, plates and various items from the kitchen would move on their own, feelings of being touched, feelings of oppressions and anger at certain times, full body apparitions, footsteps.


We did our initial sweep, there were some high emf readings in the kitchen where the most claims were, 34mg and above around compressors and whatnot, even just in the middle of the dining area there was a base of 1.0mg but this is expected with a building with the age of this place. Investigation started in the Kitchen, standard evp session, nothing happened at this point and with the sound of running appliances and hood fans made it hard to conduct these. We moved into the dining area, again the sounds of the kitchen proved hard for evp sessions. We moved onto the basement, into the main office, evp work was done, much quieter down there, we heard footsteps or running above us with the clients hearing the same thing, the sounds of footsteps were also heard in the basement while conducting evp sessions, no spikes on emf through this whole time and no temp changes either, all areas of the basement were covered and unusual knocks and bumps were heard but again it could just be the building.
The initial sweep went for about and hour and half, we split up to do solo's, Bryce in the bathrooms, Kevin In the Basement, Guest investigator Suzy Lewis in the DJ Booth and probie Mike Mills in the Kitchen, nothing was observed or happened during this time. While this was happening the owners witnessed as light bulb flash and called our attention to it, I looked it over and found it was loose so we put it to a loosed bulb. We split again, Suzy in the basement, Bryce in the office and Mike and myself sitting in the dining area, at this time the same bulb flashed 3 times in sequence when asked for someone to do something, like someone flicking a switch, very odd indeed, it did it on cue so that needs to be looked into more. Mike moved into the kitchen for a quick solo and he said he heard his name called but nothing came up on audio.


After evidence review nothing came up, all audio and video was clean, but I will say it warrants a re visit and the clients have expressed interest in this, there are odd things that happened and more investigation would be required to deem this a place with activity.
All in all a good investigation, some odd things did happen, we tried to recreate them or find an reason for them, the light bulb was odd, first I thought it was a loose bulb but to respond to questions in sequence and not do it again the rest of the night was odd, and the owners say that never happens, even when a band is playing and the building is shaking it so loud. They have requested we come back but would like a later start time, activity is reported around midnight and after, I will meet with them and discuss this for a later date, the only issue is this is a bar and the 3 nights we would be able to do a late night investigation they are open till 2am so this is something that will have to be discussed at a later date.


PHOTOS from this investigation