Case: # 2012-07
Location: Private Home, Waltham, Quebec


Some of the family have seen the spirit of the young girl, they have also heard her singing. Two young children where playing in a bedroom when the door slammed closed locking them in. One of the children was pushed down the stairs. The children have seen a scary man that stays in the upstairs hallway. They hear the  doors creaking, knocking on windows, and have seen shadow smoky figures. The team met a witness that shared some of the above experiences with us. Another witness saw what appeared to be an apparition of a woman in front window. The client also played a telephone message from a family member of a previous resident that had experienced the same kind of incidents.


The initial base reads where normal and remained that way throughout the investigation. One team did experienced an eerie feeling in the upstairs hallway, they said it felt like the hair on the back of there neck was standing up.


Further investigation is required at this time, as the team cannot explain what the client and witnesses have experienced in the home. I have spoken to the client recently and was told that the experiences have quieted down since the team was there, the only thing they are  continuing to experience at this time is the knocking.