Case: # 2012-01
Location: Airport and 3 Homes, Hagersville, Ontario


The Hagersville airport has served a number of roles. From a WW2 parachute training facility, later a reform school and recently a series of storage buildings and flea markets. The residential zone, now becoming privately owned home. The claims of being pushed and footsteps heard from above to screams and shadows. Renters at the commercial buildings have long claimed they were haunted.


We had 3 residences and a commercial building which was quite vast. There had been plans to investigate the property however the weather a breezy -17c stopped much of that. As it stood 2 of the 4 properties were unheated. Working in swing team format the base reads and equipment set ups went without much excitement. The fuse panel in the 1st reno home, our home base for the weekend rated quite high. In this home the footsteps were claimed. In the same time period we had the second unheated home being investigated across the neighbourhood. The 1st home, yielded no issues for any of the investigators. The second home, claimed to be a home where suicides have occurred did have some door closing occurrences and an investigator given a startle with what she described as a growl. The commercial building, which had a very interesting hidden room with names carved into the wall, also yielded little result. The final home, which was lived in, seemed to have some prominent cracks happening but attributed I believe to the weather and wood floors. There were a few tugs and noises however nothing we wouldn’t count as significant and non physical.


15 hrs of audio yielded no results. The same for the other forms of investigative tools. The weather could have played a factor in the investigators observance. It could be stated that we could go back to the location for follow up work. One would expect, with the amount of claims… and the history too deep to go into in the short written word, this place would have activity. However not enough to call haunted at this time.


PHOTOS from this investigation