Case: # 2011-34
Location: Chatham Armories, Chatham, Ontario


For years it has been stated that the armories were haunted. There has been physical showing of shadows, the noise of footprints and stairs being climbed. trophies being knocked off the wall as well.


The place where the majority of the claims were being held, is currently occupied so it was not available for investigation. The armories itself, the base reads and normal instrument reads were quite normal. Debunks proved nothing, but noises could occur physically. It had been determined however that vibration caused by road traffic can knock the items off walls and shelves, as was witnessed by their movement. There was at one point a spiking KII meter, it did seem to correlate to questions being asked. However there was a relay switch on the wall that would be pulsing. Hence we had to discount this as anything significant.


Anything that could have been considered paranormal, was discounted as a physical rationale. We did not gain any evidence that would cite haunted.

PHOTOS from this investigation