Case: # 2011-29
Location: Private Home, Roseneath, Ontario


This is an 1800s era home. Was originally built for a doctor’s office, was claimed to have also been the original hospital and next to a unwed mothers house. Small community. The client, who at that point had already moved out, spent 4 nights there with her family then left the home to seek other accommodations. Children being stared at and chased by a specter.


The night was clear, no traffic in the small hamlet. There is no residents in the home nor is there any furniture Hydro was on but no heat or moving objects that may contaminate. A blank canvass. The base reads, very even. Temperature was expected as a gradual decline into the basement. Odd curving box shape to the basement. Dead bats affixed to the wall etc. During the investigation there were a number of times we as a team heard voices in the hall as seen on the video. In one room on command and within 3-4 minutes the temperature dropped from 25C to 20C. This is remaining static with the gauge and not moving. Oddly that evening, we had the most equipment failure we have dealt with in over 200 investigations. Every video camera battery X4 almost 15 hrs worth had died within 20 minutes. We couldn’t keep up. The illumination devices also charged died in the 1st 30 min. Very strange. In the end we also captured 3 EVP. 2 of which were the same, older mans voice speaking in relation to this being his home. The final when the team was all out in the street for a break, home was empty as confirmed by the running DVR….we captured a woman humming on the main floor.


Though nothing is proof. Our experiences both technical and voice capture, along with the personal experience and the lack of stimulus there that could create such an experience. We would conclude there to be activity in this home, possibly of strong intelligence.




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