Case: # 2011-28
Location: Private Home, Walsingham, Ontario


The client in the late 1700's era home had experienced a number of effects from being stared at to her husband being knocked down off a chair in the barn and injured. Apparitions of people in their room and grandchildren's room.


The property itself is quite massive, a number of barns a workshop and a large home. We had originally figured that one of the claims of the chair being moved and the sound of footsteps would have been a noise conductivity issue. The house is built very solid and the tiled floor in the kitchen makes a distinctive noise. The pre reads, base etc were all very stable. The home had been renovated recently and everything was built to beyond code. This dispelled some of our previous assumptions of where activity was coming from on a physical sense. Not a great deal of night time traffic that can cause the shadows either. Debunking seemed fruitless to some points. We set up all the normal equipment as well as some new "toys" geo phone and such. Using an ovilius that night as well, we have been testing the waters with this object. Interestingly enough it did come up with my wife and my name as I spoke of things relevant to us. Rob had some experience with seeing figures in the tractor barn during a solo and during a pairing with Rob later that night we both did experience some shadow movement in the horse barn. The home itself, was very quiet. The outbuildings were the scene of activity that night. However not the scene of evidence.
Both EVP that we can not debunk occurred in the "safe" area in off time. As to their relativity to the case, not sure only the client will know.


If the EVP has distinct relevance to the client there may be a possibility of activity meriting further investigation





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