Case: # 2011-26
Location: Hardware Store, Southern Ontario


Employees of a hardware store have claimed to have seen and felt the presence of a past owner, a family member. There is also some statement of the owner prior to that being present. Items being tossed off shelves and shadows being chased down aisles.


Our first foray into a retail establishment of this caliber. The base reads were off the charts in some places, even in places where people had “felt” people with them. This may be a physical explanation as some of the lights and ballasts giving off the EMF were head level. The investigation itself was uneventful. We had a paint mixer go off on it’s own, till we found out it was on a timer. The owners did a solo, our own team had a solo as well. The investigation was quite smooth


Though the investigation seemed quiet, the sound hits were not. Within the point that Kevin and Sydney had done their solo we had 4 EVP, statements from a distinct older voice. One from a female as well. The follow cam was not on during their solo. However we did do voice samples, and checked the DVR. There was no one else present in the store. It would be our opinion that whether this is the resident they expect to be there or not. There seems to be some form of responsive spiritual activity.





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