Case: # 2011-25
Location: Cultural Centre, Chatham, Ontario


Fire lady, a hung man in the basement as well as a lady in the well.


This establishment has been a number of locations from a home, to a school a hotel to a hall and museum. Base reads were nil over the majority of the building. The basement was very hard to physically overcome with the smell and the general murkiness about it. Again during the investigation itself, very little in the way of activity. Activity was only experienced by investigators manning the DVR station which was located in the main hallway near the entrance to the basement. Both investigators had feelings of being stared at and hearing voices from the below floors. But again, only personal experiences to speak of.  EVP evidence came from the "fire lady" up in the upper portion of the gallery, substantiating the lady claim. Of to the actual circumstances to her demise unsure. There were interesting voice work coming from the entrance through the shop. Not sure what the names relate to, but the client will be sure to elaborate on that.


If the EVP that came from this bears relevance to the client, we would believe there to be some form of activity at the CCC.



I'm not an ugly lady

Wayne, come here buddy

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