Case: # 2011-23
Location: Private Home, London, Ontario


This clients claims are not of the home per se, but of a bible. The book itself is giving off sense feeling and creating an attraction for paranormal activity.


The actual investigation went smooth, base reads normal. The previous team to the home had mentioned they would not return as their medium had stated it was irreversible bad karma to come into the home. Of course this is hogwash, so we also by request had our medium Denalda present. Denalda did say she felt some presence. The bible, did give off unusual EMF reads, triple the room value, the bible was moved to a new location and the same occurred again. Quite odd.


The rest of the home did not show signs of activity that night, there was one EVP that stated to not talk or stop talking. Being in proximity of the bible as well. Given that I would have to state the bible itself may hold the attraction and would merit some further investigation.



Don't talk