Case: # 2011-22
Location: Private Home, Petawawa, Ontario


The family itself seems to have been plagued with generations of following trouble. The home in Etobicoke and the home in Petawawa have relation and both experience aggressive forms of paranormal behaviour. To the extreme of being chided by the spirit


During the investigation itself, the base reads were bang on to what they should be and the sweeps went without a hitch. One investigator did have feeling of someone being with her, certain rooms had a feeling to it, but this is more circumstantial. The investigation itself went smooth.


Neither of the related homes produced verifiable evidence. Both are located close enough to teams to have a repeated investigation if desired, however it would be suggested to keep a log of events and the frequency and description of them. If possible the collection of video or sound files for review. At this point not enough evidence collected to determine any paranormal activity.


PHOTOS from this investigation