Case: # 2011-18
Location: Private Residence, Bolton, Ontario


Claims of a forceful spirit that has spoken to harm the current occupants, we have been provided with audio EVP to substantiate that.


The client family departed during the investigation. During the event, there was a small temp diff in the main room that we chalked up to height of the meter, electronics in the kitchen have been going off on their own, as well during the investigation. Further down into the rooms we did experience some of the bed shakes, this also makes me think there must be something physical as we experienced it exactly. our grid lights kept shutting off during the investigation despite new batteries, so there was a number of physical questions. Quiet during our teams solo but when Sandy got together with the client the mood changed somewhat.


On an evidence level, nothing. The EVP we were provided with and the physical sensations that night, I'm inclined to say, unsure and that we'd like to try this one again.


PHOTOS from this investigation