Case: # 2011-16
Location: Milner House, Chatham, Ontario


This historic home was built in 1894. In 2000 it was turned into a museum. The family's young daughter Blanche, fell down the stairs and later died from her injuries.


>Beautiful home with plenty of time period furniture and artifacts contained within it's walls. Our team split into two, 4 person teams, with only 1 team inside the home at a time. The beginning of the night was very quiet and uneventful, but after the second team entered the home things began to happen. While upstairs Dave had called the owner Rob instead of Robert then asked him to move something for us. At this moment a very heavy curtain that was not near any sort of HVAC system began to move then a dust covered pile went crashing to the floor. This team then went to the attic where a chair moved.


After analysis we came out with one EVP. The EVP sounds very much like that of a female child. Could this be young Blanche, that fell to her death?
Based on a single EVP and a few personal experiences, there may indeed be activity in this home. We cannot however call this house haunted without further investigation.