Case: # 2011-12
Location: Private Residence, Hamilton, Ontario


The lady that owns the home has witnessed spectral visions in her bedroom, and dog which normally quite placid plays with imaginary people in the room, as well as a very uncomfortable feeling in the laundry area.


The house was very well prepared for our arrival. Set up went very smooth, the EMF base read showed that an alarm clock needed to be replaced and that the laundry area was a typical "fear cage" very high readings in the area. One copper pipe was reading up around 70 MG. 3 times higher than the electrical panel. One could noticeably feel different in that area, now the bedroom where the lady slept also had high EMF, it sat right above this area. So this has to be taken into account. During the investigation, dull mumbling noises were witnessed, and in the basement shadows witnessed by both Rob and Dave, Lisa had witnessed a very strong body odour as well. The evening was ripe with experience but nothing came up in the review.


Evidence did not prove anything, but experiences lead us to believe a follow up is required. I have asked an independent team to go in and investigate to see if they come up with a different result to ours, then we will follow up as well.


PHOTOS from this investigation