Case: # 2011-11
Location: Private Residence, Oshawa, Ontario


The home owners and family have had multiple claims of uncomfortable contact with a spirit called Henry over the years, including a member of our own team


Base reads, no issue with the house. One alarm clock was quite high however. Relatively no action during the investigations, Dairen our guest investigator did have an attraction to the one room that now occupies the homeowners daughter. It was during his solo there he happened upon an EVP. There were a few other EVP that corresponded with the actions and questions being dealt with. They were somewhat arguable in clarity, however seemed directly related. No personal experiences to speak of.


If the EVP were clearer I would cite a responsive manifestation, I do believe further EVP work there with matching results would need to be done to determine a final call. However the potential is very much there.




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I'm Talking

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