Case: # 2011-10
Location: Abandoned apartment atop established business, undisclosed


A family had owned this property for a number of years and are claimed to still live there, for the most part the living space sits the way it was left 50 years ago. Voices and shadows. This is a previous location for CHAPS as well.


The last time at this location, Sandy a technical person was almost brought to tears by the sensation of a child's sadness on our departure. Since then we have wanted to go back, so we got the chance and did. Base reads and other instrumentation were clean. The sweeps went as normal. The team for a change however did experience much in the way of touches and personal noises. Sound of feet shuffling, dropping items and such. Actually quite active. Even upon our departure much the same thing. We were impulsed to bring a stuffed animal to leave behind even!. Very odd for our team to treat a case so personally. Upon review of the evidence, we had a technical error. The raw footage was great, where we got the video evidence to our EVP, however the video in transition to the computer fouled so badly that it is un viewable. This is too bad, as during our break we had taps on the camera and the camera also shook. However the best portion of the evidence was in the EVP that occurred. We had headed down the stairs to the outside to have a break. When the last person got down, just previous to the door being closed. There is a voice 2X saying get the door. It's a shame but on this one you will have to take our words for it.


We had already determined that there was some activity here, the EVP and the personal experiences we had that night further cemented our verdict.


Get the Door!

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