Case: # 2011-08
Location: Unnamed warehouse Oshawa, Ontario


The clients have been located in this business premises for sometime, much of the times they will believe a client of their own has entered the location will approach to investigate and no one is there. Along with the normal cache of mechanical noises there were a number of human noises as well. Footsteps on the second floor are commonly reported.


We had set up the DVR prior to the investigation to see what happens when no one was there, this gave us no results as did the entire footage of the cams as well. All the electrical reads were pretty consistent with a place like this, nothing strange. During the investigation we did experience the footstep on the second floor. However this was the extent of the happenings. No EVP or picture evidence either.


We would surmise that the noises for the most part are mechanical, and or animal related. There is a good number of rodent life habitation there. The creep factor of being a big warehouse also plays a part. Verdict, We wouldn't say this building is haunted.