Case: # 2011-07
Location: Private Residence, Oshawa, Ontario


The client had recently purchased the Farewell House well known to the Oshawa area. In the past this was a meeting place for several groups, of which the identity is not known.
A very large home, there has been claims of knocks in the walls, doors closing on their own, voices etc etc. The children were said to not go into certain rooms, even the cat's behaviour is not normal. All in all the client was looking for some answers.


The base reads for the home were fairly normal with the exception of a duct line in the basement. I attribute this possibly to an attached wire or it's proximity to a solenoid on the humidex.  However I and another investigator did feel very light headed there. One of the investigators did feel a grabbing feeling of the foot whilst others heard a giggle. There was no temperature flux.  During the investigation our voltage meter that we do experiments with like the flashlight test, it did go off for 2 of us. Controlled speed upon control. During a solo the video camera did also shut off, ironically where an EVP showed on the DAT. There was also an intermittent smell of burning cedar with no source in the house. A few investigators commented on this. There were some debunks, the top step in the top floor, has a delayed pop. The attic storage door at the top of the stairs pops open with the vacuum of the entrance door closing or opening. We did originally have 70 hits of sound anomaly but this was weaned to 2 after comparing to video.


The investigation was smooth enough, there was enough activity and senses being explored to keep some interest. Personal experiences are far and few between, there seemed to be many here. A few of the claims, I would chalk down to ungrounded wires. Behind the crib was one of them, there is a batch of such wires there, in the other corner is where the power lines attach to the house. The hatch door in the top floor opens via vacuum and I do believe the basement is a "fear cage" of connected duct and wire work, low ceiling adding to the "connection" The water system, had been a culprit in earlier believes music was playing in the basement due to water matrix.
The owner of the home, gladly has gone from a concern to an interest in the home and the paranormal in general. The home has been investigated by a number of teams and psychics with some similar and some differing results. It would be the opinion of CHAPS that a team should be selected to deal with further work on an ongoing basis in order to rule out miss managed results and investigative methods. Video and picture evidence showed nothing however the EVP on different floors, with video backup were analyzed on scope to be the same. Neither can be debunked. I am not certain they are authentic thus why further research is needed. I would say, the building has some paranormal activity based on our findings. As to the level I am not sure.
Case to be continued and opinion withheld until such time.



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