Case: # 2011-05
Location: Private Residence, Verdun Ave, Oshawa Ontario


This family has been in the property for a while. The home has also undergone a number of renovations, rooms have moved and changed purposes. The claims are not so much physical as personal. The husband has for sometime felt attacked and watched. The wife also senses this and just recently one of the resident parents also. The clients on the wives side are said to be sensitive to this, the wife has been smudging and salting to combat the issues.


The investigation was short, as it is a small property. The temp reads were fine, we decided against use of a DVR as well being the size of location. the main focus was on the office and the living room. There were no personal experiences to speak of. The video follow cam also showed nothing of evidence. The DAT did come with one EVP that seems to say "think 2 names" or something of the like.  We have gone against video and this wasn't created by a person, it was also during a solo. The office and the living room were giving a great deal of EMF from older appliances, some of which went off the charts on the gaussmeter. Speakers in the office with the magnets pull this EMF from the computer centre across the room.


The EVP I can't quite debunk, however open to it being something else. the client will have to decide but it is a point of interest. The rest of the case didn't substantiate much. My largest concern is for health as the clients issues of feeling watched and attacked I believe largely to do with the excess EMF rather than spirit. I do believe there may a responsive residual activity there, however I think the EMF needs to be dealt with first.


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