Case: # 2011-03
Location: Private Residence, London, Ontario


The client has claims that seem more directed at his daughter. The young girls seems to hear a lot of voices in the home, sometimes even coming from the bathroom with suggestive language. They have experienced was feels like the home actually "breathing". The homeowner also has experienced footprints that are not of their own either. Needless to say he wanted some answers for his family.


Normal base reads, the home itself was during a renovation period so the temperature was ranged and there was a good deal of dust. In the basement the fish pump gave off a very loud noise and contaminated a good deal of that sound footage, however the main floor was a very different story. When the EVP sessions turned to the bedrooms where the children were, the batteries on all instruments failed. Ironically this is where we obtained the EVP we received. We have 4 class A EVP that are confluent with the happenings, names in the home and the situation at hand. Very clean. The team after that point didn't have any further issues with the batteries or any other equipment.


I do have the feeling we will be returning to this home possibly for further study now that an area has been isolated. The voices on the EVP through scoping are similar. There is one, I can't identify so we will leave that to the client. However we know the client is not the one speaking. I would surmise, that given the EVP we received being the quality they are, the technical drains that affected every single member at the same time and the content of the EVP having direct relation to question and answer, there to be some form of paranormal activity there. I will put the client in touch with our medium for further help in the matter if desired.



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