Case: # 2011-02
Location: Private Residence, Listowel, Ontario


The client has claimed that closets, cupboards and doors open and close on their own volition, the one child refuses to sleep in his bed and screams when put to do so. At one point the front door of the home slammed open with the sound of someone coming to the apex of the stairs and moving about the hallway.


Initially the base reads for the home were fairly common. The team did not experience out of the ordinary issue with instrumentation. During the investigation itself, normal creaks that a house would make were present. The team members did feel they heard a voice in the kitchen area, this was also experienced by the client. This is where we caught our only piece of evidence. The EVP itself was against the background of a fish pump we later turned off, however Sandy working with sound editing managed to remove the sound of water. Now this being said, it is really subjective and to the opinion of the homeowner. We did notice an elevated level of EMF detected in the child's room about 36 inches from the floor. Very constant throughout that room and that portion of the floor even into the adults room. The power supply from the road was connected to the house at this point. The height of the power surge is consistent with the child's complaints and usual by product of excessive EMF.


A very kind customer, do hope to return one day for further research. I happen to believe a large part of the issue is, the home is very creaky and old. The doors themselves are not very secure in the latching and the EMF seems to have a physical cause. I would have those issues looked at to discount anything that is "mechanical" in  nature to get in the way and re look at the situation. Now, the EVP I don't know. It could be a sign of something. If anything I think the physical reasons in this home make it impossible to make a secure call. Verdict: requires further research.



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