Case: # 2011-01
Location: Private Residence, Petawawa, Ontario


The client and his young daughter have lived at the location for over a year. A few renovations been done to the property. The client’s issues started about 3 months after they moved in. And occur after he goes to bed. He has been awoken on many occasions with the feeling of being held down. He has lost control of his arm, only to regain control after he tells the force to leave him alone. A shadow has been seen walking in the hallway. Also a stencil with the word “LIVE” has been illuminated with no light source hitting it. The young child talks a lot in her sleep and wakes frequently during the night. At times she crawls into bed with her father. One night she kept telling her father that a creepy man was sitting on the night stand. The client has rearranged his bed, hoping that this would help with the issues, so far this hasn’t helped. The client has seen his Family Physician and she recommended that he contact C.H.A.P.S to see if we could assist him.


The emf throughout the home where normal, except for one room in the basement that had a high reading at a florescent light on the ceiling which was right below the daughter’s bed. Thinking that this could be the cause of the child waking up during the night we checked the floor directly below her bed, the emf was normal. We left the DVR and a dat running all night, since the issues occur after the client retired for the night. Nothing was found on reviewing the evidence from the DVR, Dat and follow cam. One of the team members did experiences the presence of someone standing behind her and whispering something that she could not make out. Another felt light headed and dizzy at the same time.


Since a few team members did have personal experiences, I believe there could be a residual energy present. Further investigation would be warranted in the near future.


PHOTOS from this investigation