Case: # 2010-23
Location: Private Residence, Niagara Falls, Ontario


Oct 2010 CHAPS was called in to a home in Niagara Falls, this was a referral from the TAPS home office.
Beautiful home in the old city, the base reads went off as normal however that was the extent of normal that eve. Immediately shadows were physically witnessed by team members that would normally not observe this type of activity, floorboards smashing in an attic during a solo, many experiences we tried to debunk as well...could not. The KII meter went crazy during one of the solos, another solo our investigator literally lept out of his seat and was sent running for the stairs out of shock. 8 EVP on this investigation, and a plethora of personal experiences. Pound for pound one of the most interesting investigations CHAPS has come across.


Definite activity, to what we believe is an intelligent


PHOTOS from this investigation


Don't Shut the Door

Explicit Response

Hey look at this

I think I did

I'll get her

Papa 1

Papa 2

That Cigar Smoke