Case: # 2010-20
Location: Private Residence, Innisfil, Ontario


Fall of 2010 TAPS referred a case to CHAPS for a town North of Toronto, a lady had been experiencing a number of entities. Her dog seemed to have been taking the lions share of the activity. A psychic had advised the family of a number of occurrences on the property.  She had told them this was a "town hall" for ghosts. Base reads were normal, no video evidence and pictures also came up clean. Personal experiences were strong that eve, tugs, cold sensations, hearing of walking behind the stalks in the cornfield and sightings of eyes, odd since in 2 separate interviews the description of those eyes were identical from 2 different people. In the end an EVP stating "we're friends" came.  Professionally I believe the dogs problems are health related and not spiritual. We have issue with the claims as well, they do not match date time lines and physical property description. However those are opinions. We do believe there to be some related activity there. The quantity of experience and EVP denote that.


Responsive Activity



We're friends!

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