Case: # 2010-17
Location: Private Residence, Chatham, Ontario


CHAPS was invited to investigate an apartment in Chatham, Ontario, in August of 2010. The residents had claims of being watched, being touched, whispering in their ears and objects moving,  along with a few other claims. During our investigation we had a few EMF spikes but were able to discount most of them. Upon review of the evidence no video or sound anomalies were found.


Based on the lack of evidence at this time, we would have to say not haunted.


PHOTOS from this investigation

Letter from our client:

Thankyou so much for coming to my apartment. i am glad to know that even though you did not get enough hard evidence during the investigation, i still am very pleased with how the investigation turned out. you handled everything professionally and it was a pleasure to have you and your team visit my home. At least my husband knows i am not going crazy. a bit of activity is enough for me! lol. you are welcome to come back again anytime. Since the investigation, i have started a journal of the occurances and there are already 3 more to add.Ghost 

Thankyou very much for coming.
Sincerley, <name removed>
P.S. You Guys Rock!