Case: # 2010-13
Location: Private Residence, Shawville, Quebec


CHAPS was called to the small town of Shawville, Quebec to assist a rural family in need. During the investigation the team experienced a multiple of events. The tapping and what they believe to be whispering in French. Our lead investigator had on several occasions experienced battery drain. In the lavender room, many were subjected to nausea and upon questions being asked one of the investigators felt disturbances in his feet. The owner of the home stated she had seen someone with long brown hair in a mirror when investigator Shanna was taking pictures.
Sadly, all in all with all the personal experiences, there were no signs of hard evidence, however, it may be somewhere to re visit in the future.


Possibly under different climate or circumstance,  we may get something but due to this our verdict is not haunted. At least based on scientific methods, but no denying the investigators had personal experiences that shouldn't be overlooked


PHOTOS from this investigation