Case: # 2010-09
Location: Private Residence, Harrow, Ontario


CHAPS was invited to Harrow Ontario, near Windsor. The homeowners have not been there long but their child refuses to sleep in the bedroom. He motions that there is someone that comes in there at night. This has affected the entire family, as sleeping is now in the livingroom. We came in and set up the usual, the readings in no way were irregular. The evening proceeded as usual. As not per the norm, we were more focused on a spiritual investigation as per the request of the client. This proved interesting to say the least. Mediums experienced extreme nausea and very clear messages. We have no doubt that there was some form of visitor in the house. It was physically felt by quite a few, though we have no discernable proof. The importance lies is that now the child is in the bedroom and the family life is back to normal.


PHOTOS from this investigation

Feedback from our client:

Comments like these are why we do what we do, not only is it the interest in the paranormal, but helping people...

Hi Sandy,
I just wanted to touch base with you guys and let you know that i tried my son in his bed yesterday for nap time and last night for bed time and he slept in there no problems...he whined a little bit just because he wasn't in the livingroom with me but he slept right through the night no problems. I don't know how to thank you guys enough!!! I haven't seen or heard anything or even felt anything here since you guys left. Thanks again and hope you guys had a safe trip down there and back home.

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