Case: # 2010-08
Location: Private Residence, Oshawa, Ontario


CHAPS was invited to a home in the core of Oshawa, a family somewhat torn in the way that the older children didn't want to stay in the home any longer for the effects of a haunt. Witness to plates coming off the wall and a footprint set in flour that had been left out. We did our investigation, the readings were pretty much what we expected. Standard with the exception of some clocks and such that need to be replaced. A fear cage in the basement was diagnosed as an area where the copper piping was slightly energized and causing increased EMF in a square area around the washing machines, this explains the feeling of being watched in the basement. Old knob and tube wiring as well continues this effect. We did have some consistent beeps with the voltage stick, this was of some interest and on video some noises we can't explain. Yet not enough to declare as a haunt to be sure.


Unsure. The house felt pretty calm to us. We are not convinced of the level of activity. This could be revisited in the future.


PHOTOS from this investigation