Case: # 2010-07
Location: Private Residence, Orleans, Ontario


In March 2010, our team was invited to an Orleans residence to investigate claims of shadows and movement of lighting fixtures etc. During the investigation there was small but dramatic fluctuations.  The DVR and the DATS came up with neither video nor sound evidence we could work with. At the midpoint of the investigation however we had a light fixture of pendent glass move independently, interestingly stopping on it's own and beginning again.  There were no drafts in the room.  The team attempted to recreate anything they could to make it happen as well, without luck there, so this remains unexplained.  However, it is not enough on it's own to claim a haunting. Our medium was contracted to attend on a separate evening. Her findings were aligned with the client as to certain personalities in her families and their relation to events and they matched solid.


The evidence as gathered is not enough to deem a haunt.  We would need to have a second look to see if the situation changes.


PHOTOS from this investigation