Case: # 2010-04
Location: Private Residence, Arnprior, Ontario (2 Visits)


CHAPS was invited to a home in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. The family has been plagued with problems relating to the paranormal. Kids will not sit alone in the living area, or go to the washroom unescorted at times. The older kids feel frequent visitations. The base reads were all pretty normal, with the exception of an area previously denoted as active. It was a ground wire, with the fridge engaging and other reasons for surges which this was discounted. Rest of the investigation went smooth with the exception of our CCTV which a cable was kicked out.  The event produced some EVP that through comparison, was not our team. Based on the conduciveness to the case itself what the EVP had said, this provided us with a desire to return and do another investigation


Active but to what degree we are not sure yet.
We came back for a second invite to Arnprior, reads were stable as was the temps etc. Our EVP did not prove as fortunate this time , nor did the DVR catch anything of any merit. Our investigators did experience drapes swinging strongly in the bathroom, we did try and replicate this to no avail. There was medium work that evening with success as to the description of the present spirit, at least to the best of the clients beliefs. This was someone of their knowing.
We do not believe we came to any conclusive results that evening, we do stand by original thoughts that there is activity to it's severity, unknown.



There's something down here

There's something down here

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